Thursday, September 25, 2014

Wire and Wood

So not much had changed with the anniversary table project, we joined the boards and got all the bark off the edges of the slab and since then it's just been chilling in the basement.  This weekend though I think we'll get back to it since I hate unfinished projects and we've got a few of those laying around

and... I just scored the most lovely chairs on Craigslist while visiting my parents in MI (does anyone else check in on the local CL offerings before traveling?) MI has some gems that's for sure.  My dad was nice enough to pick up 6 of these distant bertoia cousins, which have a back hair pin leg (hard to tell in the photo) and they stack! Not that I'll ever need to stack my dining room chairs.

I've checked in with a bunch of powder coating places in the Chicagoland area, my first quote was INSANE, $1192 for the 6 dining room chairs, plus 2 Russel Woodard Sculptura chairs I found over the summer.

Based on some digging around these people are way way way on the high end, so we'll see, but I'd like to do them in matte black, I think that + the warm wood + the gold butter fly joints we're going to attempt on the table will be amazing.

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