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Most nights that start at The Whistler, or The Violet Hour usually end here at Lazos.
...or late night thai, but I recommend Lazos,
If only for the late night people watching.

Order: Delicious Delicious veggie burritos, or a tostada de aguacate 
Cafe Iberico Tapas Bar

...all the way downtown, but it's worth the trip (it's also surrounded by posh interior design and furniture shops, plus) Get here early on the weekends, go with a group, stake out a table order: a giant pitcher of sangria (white or red), order a wide variety of tapas and some paella or a tortilla, and just enjoy for the next few hours.

Icosium Kafe

North African crepes, teas, coffees, sandwiches, salads. Everything you order has a special touch to it, tea comes in a fancy pot and dainty glass, water comes with cucumber slices, whipped cream is infused with rose water, plates have mint garnishes and sauce designs, not to mention the place is covered in amazing rugs, floor to ceiling.Order: mint tea, or a latte, a sweet crepe and a savory crepe to share, vegetable soup 
Longman and Eagle

I've resisted for so long, but I can't help it I'm jumping on the longman wagon. This is a hipster haven (seriously last time we were there there were at least 12 plaid button up westerns)  and they serve gross things like bone marrow. BUT the drinks are amazing, their craft cocktail menu changes seasonally,and if nothing jumps out at you, let the "mixologist" know which flavors you like, and he'll try to impress you. 

Zoku Sushi
My most favorite sushi spot right now (on the corner of North and Kedzie) it's a hop skip and a jump away from my house, and when I really can't even manage that they deliver to my door.Order: Philly, spider, zebra, caramel crunch, domo, or pretty much anything and don't forget to bring a bottle of your favorite white or rose.

The Pump Room at Public Hotel

By far the fanciest place I have ever eaten, I am in love with this place, even though it's allllll the way down town, it's worth it, grab a fancy cocktail, and settle in for dinner, make sure you explore the lobby, coffee bar, and screening room of the hotel before or after, and the lake is right there! If you're really feeling wild, book a room at the hotel!
Floriole Cafe 
Best french pastries ever, and I'm embarrassed to say I didn't even discover it, my bestie and french pastry aficionado did while visiting from  Dijon. I could have been getting fat on baked goods this whole time.

Nightwood Restaurant
The Mr and I celebrated an anniversary here. It's strange to see the above well lit pic of the place, because for dinner they keep it dark with low glowing lights. Love the ambiance, Love the spanish tiles in the bathroom, Love the interesting cocktails, and LOVE LOVE the food
Order: who the hell knows, 
their menu changes dailybut I had a delicious meyer lemon pasta thing when I was there, it was amazing.


Slightly easier to get a table here since the buzz has died down! I love the globe pendant lights and the oak barrel wood paneling. Order: Croquette Arugula Salad, Baked Potato Pizza, and Bottom Up Wit (lemon coriander) Or if you just want to drink head for their super hidden tap room at 3340 N Kedzie, they also do tours and in general it's a super relaxed laid back place to get a beer/hang out. There's free popcorn, or you can bring in take out...Can't beat that!

Unmarked and cozy, tough to find with the entrance being unmarked and all but once you do you won't leave, until you are very very drunk
This is one of the first craft cocktail places to open in Logan Square (now you can't throw a rock with out hitting one)
cocktails change seasonally, here is the menu 
The hipper more low key version of the usual places... If it's packed inside try the back patio.

Esquire, Apartment Therapy, Design*Sponge, Wallpaper Magazine, Wine and Spirits Magazine, and Elle magazine have all told you to go here, so I don't really need to.
Super swank decor and cocktails dressed to to nines, so you better be too.

One of my favorite bars in the Logan Square, Humboldt Park area In existence since 1937 and not much has changed. There is usually live music, good live music that actually adds to the swank factor, and they keep the drink list simple and old timey. When everyone else is trying to out do each other with their cocktail ingredients the clipper is still offering the standard Mahattan, Gin Fizz, and Old Fashioned 

Order: ANYTHING off the vintage cocktail menu except the grasshopper-kinda tastes like mouthwash gross.
The Double opened a few years ago, and we have been stopping here for 1 last drink on our way home ever since. It's cozy as hell, with corner benches, candle light, and low tungsten lighting, but the main draw is  Henry the owner, theeeee nicest most personable bar tender ever, and he's usually working.

When you wanna get out of Logan Square, head to Pilsen similar vibe but even more laid that even possible? and visit Simone's Order: any of the apps: portobello fries, empanadas, yum cocktails change seasonally like ever other fancy pants place in the city, it's fun to try new things, but such a bummer when you had the most delicious grapefruit concoction last time you were there, and now they don't know what you're talking about...

ANOTHER COCKTAIL BAR, I know I know, but this one is my new new favorite. Further off the main drag, killer old timey music, and a cocktail list you can count on. Plus SHUFFLEBOARD, so fun especially after 2 or so cocktails. Order: Corpse Reviver, Woodburning Stove, Rain Coat, Sloe Gin Fizz, or the Wisconsin Old Fashioned.

It's best to head here in the warmer months for an amazing patio and all their slushy versions of old timey cocktails: I dig the negroni or Moscow mule slushy Order: the pimiento toast, everyone says it's better than the chicken or fish, and while I can't speak to that I can say that the pimiento toast is pretty amazing.

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