Saturday, July 26, 2014

Sur la Table

Currently we're in the process of making a table!!!
The boards are all picked out, and it's just waiting to make a trip to the planer to trim it down to size.

I've been trolling pinterest for finishing inspiration for our maple boards.

We went with maple due to cost (much cheaper than black walnut, and while I know it's all the rage due to the rich dark tones, I don't love the contrast between the heart wood and outer I'm learning more than I ever wanted to about trees, and wood) but we're planning on staining it a bit darker (similar to the pic on the right)

We may even attempt some of these fancy butterfly joints, so stay tuned.

On the traditional list of anniversary presents the 5th year is wood, so this is our big anniversary present to ourselves, 5 years have flown! Hopefully we'll have this sweet table for another 55 years.

More pics of the process to come!

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