Tuesday, July 2, 2013

What I Love About NYC

We're back from the big apple, and this time we had the most fun ever. We were in town for a good friends wedding with 8 of our closest friends from MI.

We've grown up with this group who now are a bit spread out from Detroit, to NYC to Chicago, and all the way to Cali so it was so sweet to explore the city (we haven't been in 7 or 8 years), reconnect with old friends, get all dressed up and most importantly celebrate the union of a super awesome couple.

On previous trips to NYC we've stayed in Brooklyn and the West Village, this time we ventured north and found a place in  Harlem.

The 7 of us who stayed there fell in love, so here is my list of what I love about NYC especially Harlem.

Lenox Coffee- I think we stopped here almost every day for delicious coffee and quiche.  A place like this is a dime a dozen in Chicago, but in Harlem it's the only one so don't miss it.

Uptown Veg-Vegan soul food, and juice bar. Buffet style and pay by the pound. Don't miss the roasted pumpkin, greens, or plantains...actually take a little of everything you wont be disappointed. It's nice to have a healthy soul food option, but if you absolutely can't live with out shrimp and grits head to Jacobs
or any of the other joints around, seriously just type soul food into yelp for Harlem and the options are endless.

Brownstones- rows and rows of the iconic Harlem brown stones on tree lined streets with neighbors casually hanging on the stoop. I have to say that one of these bad boys fully renovated is my dream home. Our home in Chicago has a porch, which we never use. A stoop is totally different, it's big and inviting, and along a busy street, it's just as lovely as people watching at a cafe.

We were lucky enough to find a few on air B&B and we rented a garden apt on 132, and friends rented a 3rd floor on 131. So we were lucky enough to see inside, and if you want more, check out HARLEM+BESPOKE blog for listings with interior pics.

Harlem doesn't have as much going on as some of the other boroughs, but it's the general vibe and feel that really sold us.  It's open, accepting, friendly, laid back, slower  

Emporio- This was Casey's dinner pick, and I was totally surprised. It doesn't look like much from the front, but past the kitchen opens up into this lovely dining area, and that glass ceiling is amazing! There is only 1 Rosé on the menu and it was the most delicious thing ever, so order that plus pasta with squash and lobster and a little candle at your table, it's totally Italian, totally adorable and totally hip.

YN Nolita- just 2 doors down from Emporio is a cozy little wine bar. Perfect if you're waiting for a table, or after dinner.  Good wine, good music, super friendly bartender and candle light.

My last 2 pics are in Nolita (or North of Little Italy, for those of us totally confused by all the little neighborhoods in NYC)

more soon on the wedding!
The venue was so beautiful, so chic.

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Dianne said...

Nice guide girl! I hope we can go someday! Until then here's a little blog love for you! http://diditravels.wordpress.com/2013/07/12/links-for-le-weekend-and-an-award/