Tuesday, June 25, 2013

New York New York

Headed to NYC this weekend for a wedding, and of course it's supposed to rain the whole time!!! We'll be flying Spirit again so there are some major baggage limitations, the Mr. and I are just planning on packing light and bringing a purse/backpack.  Not even a carry on! Just a personal item. it's totally doable, you always need way way less than you think, for 2.5 weeks in Europe I packed a small carry on suitcase, and had a purse.

So I'm bringing: black shorts from zara (technically I think its a scort?), a leather tote... everything's fitting in here y'all...which will double as my purse when we get there, sunnies duh, a hat (I'm blond and my head burns, boo), tons of jewelry/scarvs makes each outfit look fresh but takes up NO room, jean shorts, a few cute tops, and plain tanks which roll up so tiny, and good walking sandals, plus a dress for the wedding/heels and all that.

Think I can fit it all?

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mandaelyse said...

Are those bracelets? Tell me more about those!