Sunday, May 12, 2013


Such a good trip, here's the break down.

Berlin: Flew into Berlin, grabbed a cab and met my bestie and her husband at our beautiful hotel (hotel Elba) in the swank Charlottenburg neighborhood. We drank, walked, walked some more. I battled a sinus infection for most of the trip, but it still didn't keep me away from trips to the wall, museums, hip cafes, walks along the canals, markets and delicious korean food (no currywurst for me)
Dijon: Quicky flight from Berlin to Paris to grab the car and drive to Dijon. I have to admit my first few days in Dijon were spent in bed trying to recover. My friends did an awesome job wining and dining me back to health, all the macaroons, chocolates, and cakes helped too.  Then I was ready to venture out, and when I did I have to say I fell in love with Dijon. Terribly picturesque, totally walkable, far more relaxed than Paris, and cozy times 10. Seems like mi amiga isn't moving anytime soon, so I'm thrilled that there will be more trips to Dijon in the future.
Beaune: The great thing about Dijon is all the little day trips. Tons and tons of even quainter (is that a word) quiet tiny towns and castles ready and waiting to be explored. We drove through the Cote D'Or wine country (including the Maison Louis Jadot vinyards, home to one of my fav wines) and ended up in Beaune, warmed up with a little cafe au lait and explored the old hospital and narrow cobble stone streets.
Fontenay & Semur en Auxois: Were also little day trips from Dijon. We visited the Abbey of Fontenay explored the BEAUTIFUL grounds, gathered tons of inspiration for my backyard make over, I can't wait to come back and do some hiking in the surrounding forest.  On the way home we stopped in Semur en Auxois, and really that little pic up there doesn't do it justice. A beautiful medieval walled city on top of a hill.
Paris: I feel like I've already said so much about Paris, but this trip was different. Dianne and I made some pretty bold statements about not doing anything touristy, yet we still ended up at all the major landmarks, and even at Trocodero waiting for the Eiffel Tower to start sparkling. The difference was this time we wern't on a schedule, no pressure...If we didn't make it to the Chanel exhibit, oh well. We mostly ate street food, and just hung out which felt amazing since we live over 4,000 miles and 7 times zones away.  I feel like the highlight was seeing all the craziness at Galeries Lafayette plus its hidden treasure, and doing a macaroon tasting between Pierre Herme, and Laduree and lounging almost all day in the Luxembourg Gardens just talking.


Dianne said...

Love the post, loved the trip, can't wait for the next visit!!

Jenny said...

Sounds like a perfect trip!