Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sneaking Around

I never ever ever wear sneakers. I'm not known for practical shoe choices i.e. backpacking through Europe with some ridiculous little rubber shoes, hiking waterfalls in strappy sandals, camping in ballet flats.
I like the options below too, although I'm still on the fence about the high heels
but... this spring I'm going to Europe again, and I'll be doing alot of walking, so maybe it's time to do this right?... Pinterest certainly has done alot of convincing and cajoling if Olivia Palermo can do it so can I
(love those lanvin black toe high tops)
Which is why I kinda got excited
(well as excited as one can get for athletic shoes)
when I spotted the converse to the left.

black toe, slip ons, army green, kinda cool.
I think they'll work.


tina said...

I've heard that Converse don't have the best support. One expected challenge for me when I went to France in 2012 was my shoes bending around the cobblestones as I walked. My poor feet and arches really took a pounding. Something to consider. And many years ago, I kept biting it while wearing wedges on the cobblestone. I don't know how those girls pull off stilettos.

Dianne said...

I got some hi tops for christmas thinking about travel too. You´re going to be so happy to have comfortable shoes!