Saturday, July 28, 2012


I spent 2 weekends in a row in Northern Michigan, first at the cabin, then camping with all of our Detroit besties.  The drive from Chicago to that part of the state is dotted with antique malls, and little vintage shops.  I spotted a few treasures, but they are still packed up, since we were in the middle of a little renovation.

tons and tons of pics coming soon.
...but one of the treasures was this little jadeite mixing bowl

I don't collect Jadeite, really it sounds like a giant headache since each manufacturer made a different shade of the sea foam green color, and some are unmarked.  Also they can't go in the microwave... but I do find it fascinating.  These little dishes used to be FREE with the purchase of a bag of flour, or a sandwich in some stores.  The inconsistencies make Martha's collection above that much more impressive, dang.
They look so lovely all stacked up. Don't worry Es, I plan to keep my eyes peeled for you, and your collection!!!

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