Friday, September 11, 2015

farmacie française

A friend of mine is planning a trip to la france, and asked about the sacred french pharmacy.  My bestie and former Dijon resident compiled a list over on her blog with some really excellent suggestions (she also got me hooked on most of the above) and if you google french pharmacy products there are tons and tons of lists, this buzzfeed one is pretty great. BUT everyone is different, and everyone's skin is different, so I thought I'd put my own list out there. The next time I find myself walking under that big green cross into la farmacie this is what I'm picking up.
1. I still have half a pot of this sanoflore lip balm, and it's awesome. Totally on par with the much more expensive NUXE lip balm. Super hydrating and with a matte finish which makes it a rare find, and I love the floral scent.
2. I think just about everyone is hip to the huile prodigieuse crazy, and I'm on board for sure. Sure you can get it at target and amazon, but it's WAY WAY cheaper in france, even with the exchange rate. So stock up!
3. Roger et Gallet is like the french Bath & Body Works, (if Bath & Body Works didn't suck) their perfumes, body washes, and soaps are affordable, and the scents come out seasonally, on the next trip I'll stock up on cedrat, amande, and bois d'orange, my faves
4. Love this hand cream. so so much.
5. I've actually never tried  La Roche-Posay's Redermic, as the last time I was in france I didn't yet have wrinkles...but now I do, and it has a cult imma try it out.
6. I'm also going to buy the biggest bottle of their Toleraine Ultra moisturizer, this stuff feels like pure luxury, and is SUPER soothing for my red blotchy skin.

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