Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Office Cure

Our office has needed some TLC for quite some time now, so when I started the Apartment Therapy Home Cure I knew I'd pick this room to be "cured".  Currently the walls are the same avocado green that I slapped on shortly after we moved in (avocado...what was I thinking) and this room has turned into a dumping ground for the whole house, which is kind of a bummer since we really need our office back (my husband is a teacher).  We're up to step #4 now-set up the outbox, man I wish I could put the whole room in the outbox and start fresh. This time around I'm going with softer paint, since it's a small room, maybe that pale sage, or milky cream.  I also need some storage, and new art.

Since I was feeling so inspired already I bought this desk, on sale, can't wait for it all to come together.

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