Wednesday, October 8, 2014


While Levi's 501's weren't my first pair of jeans, they were definitely some of the earliest jeans I remember owning (middle school maybe?), so I'm happy to see them back popping up all over pinterest.
Whether they're tight and high waisted, daisy dukes, or slouchy boyfriend... I dig this timeless iconic cut. Everyone from Jane Birkin, to Alexa Chung has been photog'd in them.
What I wouldn't give to have my original thrifted pair back with the worn wallet mark (this is the down side of not being a packrat, I go through my closet every season and get rid of a ton, I wonder what else I'll regret parting with in a few years time)
While it's not quite the same, I did find a pair recently at salvation army, and they've since been the weekend uniform.
I'm not usually a slave to comfort, but these jeans + the dressy track pant trend feels like pure luxury to me,

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