Friday, August 29, 2014

So What's New?

Here's a collection from around the house : Succulents! so far these guys are going strong hopefully in the coming months they will fill in the pot a bit, but the string of pearls have already grown 2 inches. I'm going to try my best not to kill them.  Marble Cheese Plate: I originally got the idea from this pin, it's just a marble floor tile with some little plastic protectors on the bottom, I decided I liked it better with out handles.  New Kilim: another super sweet craigslist score only $75.  Marble Outdoor Table: "Things I've made out of Tile" could almost be it's own blog post, which reminds me I don't think I ever posted about the slate cheese tray I made, probably because it hardly seems like a DIY, but it sure beats buying those expensive ones, a slate tile will cost about $2, but back to my new little outdoor table...I bought 2 from target last summer for $5 each.  They originally looked like this until the seat cushion got hopelessly ruined in the rain, luckily a 12x12 marble tile fits perfectly on top.  Dansk Kobenstyle: I found this guy at Homegoods 50% off the crate&barrel price, not as satisfying as finding a vintage one for $2 at the thrift, but still pretty good... and lastly my Fav New Shirt Right Now: kinda mens pajama ish, but I love it.

What's new with you?

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