Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spring Inspiration

It doesn't quite feel like spring in Chicago yet, but I can't stop pinning spring things left and right.
1.Pink Top I love the design on this, and how easy would it be to take a seam ripper to any plain loose shirt and add a sash like that. I'll keep my eyes peeled at the thrift.
2. Balenciaga Peplum Don't even click the's A THOUSAND DOLLARS folks, I'm just hoping this shape inspires tons and tons of affordable knock offs.
3. Necklace I have no idea where this is from (other than some tumbler) but I think with pliers, jump rings, chains and some good beads you and your ladies could come up with some sweet DIY necklaces inspired by this lil gem.
4. I bought these D'orsay flats over the weekend, when I say bought, I really mean I went to 4 targets to find them in my size like a lunatic...there not even real leather people...BUT the shape and fit were perfect, and they make my tiny feet look bigger which is a plus.
5. These sunnies are already sold out, but similar ones are at Forever 21 right now, I picked up some in black.

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