Thursday, February 27, 2014

The great bathroom project is getting super close
(after pushing it back a few times) most of the materials are on site, the rest are in route.  While this isn't the first major project on the house, it's the first time anything is being gutted and built from scratch.  I won't be sad to see any of it go, and I wouldn't mind dealing the first blow of the sledge hammer.

I'll have a couple before pics (yikes so bad) and tons of after.

The pic to the left is where the bulk of our money is headed. Tile isn't exactly cheap but since this is our one chance to do it (and do it right) we splurged on oversized honed marble subway tiles. The inky gray slate floor was significantly cheaper from home depot, but any money we may have saved just went in to the super swanky orbit sconces from Schoolhouse Electric.

Did I mention that this is our only full bath that we're about to demo?

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Dianne said...

So swanky glam, it's going to be gorgeous!