Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Real January Cure

Last weekend the Mr. and I escaped the snow and single digit temps of Chicago, and took a quick mini vacay to San Juan Puerto Rico. We flew in on a Friday and the second we stepped out of the airport we felt like it was already worth every penny. We stayed in a lil guest house in Ocean Park, 2 blocks from the beach, super cheap, super simple. Saturday we woke up early got breakfast at the famous Kasalta Bakery, grabbed snacks and magazines and hit the beach.  I love the beach in Ocean Park, the waves are SOOOO big, the water is a perfect 80 degrees, and if you are patient enough someone will come buy and sell you beer, alcapurias, empanadas, etc.
That first day at the beach we soaked up the sun like we'd never see it again...and got burnt. We found out when we got there that las fiestas de la calle were in full swing.  This weekend was San Sebastian (sanse for short), where from what we gather everyone just hangs out down town and drinks and there is music in every square, and some disorganized (or maybe drunk) marching bands leading impromptu parades through the streets, WE LOVED IT. it was so loud, crazy with so much energy flowing through the streets, so fun. 
We grabbed drinks when our feet needed a break and then set off to find the most delicious mofongo in San Juan (which is at El Jibarito). After that it was more rum drinks (I need to start drinking more rum punch) more delicious sea food, like Ceviche House in Isla Verde which was totally worth the walk through the not exactly safest area between Ocean Park and Isla Verde, and tons of beach time, since lets face it...the beach never gets old such great people watching between Condado and Isla Verde. We ran out of time and never made it snorkeling, but there are some rock formations towards San Juan that looked promising. NEXT TIME


Dianne said...

Can't wait to go!!

its all over now baby blue said...

Did you stay at the dream catcher?

style-for-style said...

We did walk by dream catcher, but no we stayed at Casa Andalucia. The first time we stayed in a condo on Ismael Rivera