Wednesday, December 4, 2013

DIY Christmas

I'm trying to come up with some cute DIY ideas for Christmas gifts this year. Here are my top picks. I've always wanted to play around with making some perfumes something citrusy or spicy maybe with notes of bergamot, lemon, basil, cedar, hmmm what else?
I've also had my eye on these Martha Stewart leather envelope wallets, or clutches (depending on how much you enlarge the template) all you need are some interesting colored leathers and the screw on button closure.

Last but not least, I'd love to make some infused oils for everyone, maybe rosemary garlic, serrano grapefruit? or lemon peel peppercorn. Last year I made scented candles, cinnamon, cranberry, myrrh, and cedar. Candles were super fun and not too expensive, but yikes they were messy, and I ruined a few pans/measuring cups/stirs with wax.
But they lasted a long time (I'm still burning one) and friends seemed to like them.

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