Monday, March 4, 2013

Mexico Pt 2

So yea I had a super sweet vacaaaaaaaaay, but more importantly what did I bring back???? Well I think all of us bought little ceramic skulls for ourselves and all of our friends. In all sizes and colors.

I picked up El Diablo, really I just couldn't resist his tiny legs, and red pants with knee patches...Also he was fragile as hell and we were flying Spirit Air and I guess I like a challenge or something? but I'm happy to report he made it.

Every time I cross international boarders I feel the need to commemorate it with a Vogue, some people buy shot glasses or magnets, I prefer haute couture. Vogue Mexico did not disappoint + it helped me practice my Spanish.

...and last but not least, I picked up this sweet lil donkey painting, I love him so much.

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Moni said...

i love that donkey painting! you found some sweet little things.