Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ready Set Pack

Well it probably seems like I just got back from Mexico, but it certainly doesn't feel that way.  In my mind Mexico is light years away. I think the freezing temps in Chicago right now are giving me amnesia, and the gray skies are making me a bit blue.
I can't wait for Spring temps, and spring trips. I think I mentioned before but I'm heading to Europe to visit my bestie of 25 years, woah that's a long time. She's currently living in Dijon, but we're meting in Berlin. I've never been to Deutschland, so I'm super excited.

Here's what I'm packing, we have no idea what the temps will be like so layers layers layers I guess

*My fav anorak perfect for inbetween weather *vintage lil fur hat * chartreuse fauxbans * black moto pants *Just ordered these Chinese Laundry booties, we'll see how comfy they are *

I'll also be making stops in Dijon, and Paris more to come!

1 comment:

Dianne said...

haha soo good, so we won't pack the same! I really hope you won't need that cold weather hat though...