Friday, October 26, 2012

Upholstery DIY?

I think all of the awesome examples of before and after re-upholstery jobs on Design*Sponge have got me feeling over confident. but...I just pulled a Victorian looking bench out of the garbage, something similar to the above photo, only mine is covered in the cheapest, ugliest, most faded, blue velvet fabric.

Since the thing was free I'm tempted to get some sweet fabric and start calling around for quotes...
but then again I'm also thinking how hard can it be, there is something special about putting your love, attention, and hard work into a piece of furniture. It also feels nice to say, I did it myself

p.s. I was quoted 175 to re-do the bench...if all else fails


Traveling bride said...

Just an idea but check around for some classes or something - in Sydney we have an community college that run classes. Than you just use your chair as your project and can get lost of help and guidance as you go.

Amanda said...

I just worked wonders on our dining chairs with a staple gun and some etsy upholstery fabric.

I say go for it. And share pictures.